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Damian McGillicuddy Speedlight Training Course in Manchester

I had the good fortune of being able to book onto a Damian McGillicuddy ( Speedlight Flash training course recently to enhance my skills at lighting Brides & Grooms with off camera flash.  This isn’t something that can be done in a few seconds during your ceremony but can be setup in only a couple of minutes in a suitable area at your venue then we move you into position to take the photo!

The course was run in the Castlefields area of Manchester which suits it to the ground as its covered (yes it rained!) and is full of interesting architecture and grungy backgrounds.

Our model for the day was Paula Jane ( who was the consummate professional throughout the extreme cold which included 3 costume changes!

Damian and his two excellent assistants (Amanda and Leslie) went through the different light setups we used on the day starting with 1, 2 then finally a 3 flash setup which can be put up in no time.  If you’re a photographer wanting to learn more about flash then this is a course well worth booking on and if you’re a bride checking on here then this is something we can do at your wedding!

Anyway, onto some pictures which were setup buy Damian, modelled by the lovely Paula then taken and edited by me 🙂

Some background images of the setups, Damian and the other photographers 



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